Learn About Bees

North Tipperary Bee Keepers Assoctation is the local beekeeping association for the surrounds of North Tipperary and is affiliated to the The Federation of Irish Bee Keepers Associations.

Contact us now at: northtippbees@gmail.com

In the North Tipperary Bee Keepers Association we try to:

  • Bring together the beekeepers of the area
  • Promote beekeeping based on sound principles
  • Educate local beekeepers, members of the public and interested organisations through lectures, practical demonstrations, shows and exhibitions
  • Share our knowledge of beekeeping promoting practical bee husbandry and bee disease management
  • Encourage people of all ages in our area to enjoy a very rewarding pastime and promote the well-being of bees in our area
  • Create an awareness of how healthy bee colonies in our area are essential part for our natural environment.

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