Apiary demonstration at Ben Colchester’s Thur Apr 24th @ 6:30pm

There will be an apiary demonstration at Ben Colchester’s farm on Thursday Apr 24th at 6:30pm sharp. Don’t forget to bring your bee suit, gloves, etc. North Tipp Bees Keepers kindly thank Ben for hosting this event.

Location: Drumeen Farm, The Islands, Urlingford. Ben’s number is 085-1660593
Directions from Cork direction: To get there you drive to Urlingford and if coming from Cork direction take the only left turn in the village.
Directions off the Motorway at Exit 6: If you come off the motorway at exit 6 you will come in the other way so you have a right turn. It is at John Bowdens shop. Drive 1.8 miles and the farm is on the left – there is a sign for Drumeen Farm. There is a green shed opposite the entrance.

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